Who Is The Wisest Person To Ever Live?

King Solomon: The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived Was More Like A Gothic Myth.

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But he was also the prototype for Faust.

Who is the wisest person in history?

King Solomon was the wisest man in history.

Who was the wisest man in the Bible?


Who is the wisest man in the whole world?

King Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived and also one of the most foolish.

Who is the wisest person you know?

Kyle, 12, agrees that Jesus is the wisest person he knows because “He does everything for His Father.”

How did King Solomon die?

Natural causes

Did Solomon ask God for wisdom?

Solomon used to offer a thousand burnt offerings on that altar. At Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night, and God said, “Ask what I shall give you.” It pleased the Lord that Solomon had asked this.

Who is the richest person that has ever lived?

Mansa Musa

Who was called man of God in the Bible?

Man of God is a biblical title of respect applied to prophets and beloved religious leaders. The term appears 78 times in 72 verses of the Bible, in application to up to 13 individuals: Moses (Deuteronomy 33:1; Josh.

Who has most wives in the world?

As of May 2011, Masaba had 89 wives and 133 children while India’s Ziona Chana had 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren.