Quick Answer: What Do Most People Do On Christmas Eve?

Just a day before the Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ, the world celebrates Christmas Eve or Christmas evening.

The midnight mass is considered to be the most important Church service of the Christmas season across many traditions.

Christmas Eve is the day when gifts are exchanged between people.

What are you supposed to do on Christmas Eve?

20 Super Fun Ways to Spend Christmas Eve

  • Do a Hot Cocoa Bar.
  • Play Snowball Capture the Flag.
  • Raise Your Milk-and-Cookie Game.
  • Sprinkle Reindeer Dust.
  • Have a Christmas Treasure Hunt.
  • Give Brand-New Xmas Pajamas.
  • Mix in Some Charity.
  • Hold Christmas Cookie Competition.

Do people go out on Christmas Eve?

Since Christmas Eve is not an official federal holiday, most people have to work. However, it is a partial day off or a full day off in some states. Many workplaces hold Christmas parties or celebrations, so there is a celebratory air to the day.

How do I pass the time on Christmas Eve?

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What do the people do on Christmas?

Symbols. A wide range of people and objects represent Christmas. These include baby Jesus, the Nativity and the Three Kings, but also Santa Claus, reindeer and elves. Common objects at this time of year are pine trees, holly, decorations, fairy lights, candles and presents.